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Mon Aug 21 15:09:03 PDT 2000


I got home Sunday night.

The only really bad rain was the first Sunday.  Many tents period and modern where blown down (or so I hear, I didn't arrive till Monday night.)

The rest of the first week was nice.  The wind and the little bit(5 to 10 minutes) of rain we got just about every day was just enough to keep us cool.

The evenings of the second week got a little colder.  Saturday and Sunday of the last weekend where fabulous, and everything got packed up dry!

The weather for fighting was great!  All in all the most fun I've ever had at Pennsic 80)



 ---- T'was asked: 
> Yes I know but today is the day people are suppose to come back and had heard that some people are coming back as of Friday due to having to be back at work on monday. I
> watched the weather seems that it rained the first week almost every day and part of this week. Some friends called me and said that it was raining really hard sounded like
> gulf wars last year. YUCK! Hope the reports I was hearing was wrong it is really bad to go to an event and every thing was rained out! Just wondering if people have made it
> back yet. I was going but illness had kept me from being able to attend. 

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