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Hi Stephen,

There is a gliche, when I click on the link or even try to load the site address through a browser all I get is the parent directly, and then if I click on a picture an error message pops up and says it is not available.

Have a look at Late 14th century (Mythistorima Tou Alexandrou (The Alexander Romance))

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On Tue, 22 Aug 2000 17:04:03   Stephen Bloch wrote:
>I just scanned and posted a bunch of tent pictures from the c. 1340 AD
>Romance of Alexander; see
> .
>Note that these are in a completely different artistic style from the
>one picture I previously had that claimed to be from the Romance of
>Alexander; I'm not sure whether this one picture is from a later ms.
>(say, 1390?) of the same poem or whether it's from a completely
>different source.
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