PE - Pennsic Ger Accident Picture

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>         One of my frame-customers Gers was side-swiped by a vehicle at
> Pennsic and moved about a foot. They told me that they put one roof pole
> back into place, lifted the edge of the khana back into position, and that
> was all.
>         I was going to take pictures of the damage, but couldn't find any,
> except for the scuff-mark on their canvas.

This is what happens when the Unstoppable Force meets a Movable Object -

IF the driver knew he had hit it, he was probably sweating buckets about having
to replace most, or ALL, of an expensive period tent. What a relief it must have
been to just owe for 'dry-cleaning..............

Must have been a nasty shock for the occupants, nonetheless.........

Assimilation Laurel  :-)
(there is a Yurt Laurel already on the books.......)

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