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Corun MacAnndra corun at
Tue Aug 22 16:05:59 PDT 2000

Todric wrote:
>        Believe it or not, this is the _second_ time I've seen a ger hit by
>a vehicle; the first time was about 10 years ago;  that one was flattened,
>but the owners had it back up inside of a few hours.

If you're talking about the time the Club Gobi (the common yurt in the Dark
Horde Moritu encampment) got rammed by that Dodge van it wasn't "flattened"
per se. The roof caved in, but it had already done that because the roof
ring had way too much slop in it and the yurt was set up on ground that was
not flat. Thus the yurt tended to pantograph itself to the shape of the
ground and the roof had already spiraled in on itself once. For this reason
the roof ring was held up with two steel poles, both of which did more
damage to the van than the van did to the yurt, one pole taking out the
windshield and the other taking out the radiator. The poles were
subsequently named Dodgebane and Van Killer.

Total damage to the yurt was a couple of slats of khana and I think a roof
pole and a blue glass mug that belonged to Catriona, who happened to have
been sleeping in the yurt at the time, fortunately up against the wall
where she was uninjured by either the van or the falling roof poles which
kinda tented around her as they came down. It was reported that she shoved
her way out from under the canvas and said, "Jesus *^%(#^& Christ! I've got
to change my wake up service." Thought to this day she denies having said
that. To my recollection the khana also stayed up.

This was at Pennsic 18, and I had been camped in my eight foot dome tent in
what was to become the path of the van. Fortunately for me I had left for
home the day before and the van went through where my tent and I had been.
This earned me the nickname the following year of Organic Speedbump. Thanks
a lot, Bagshi. ;-)


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