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Corun MacAnndra corun at
Thu Aug 24 19:20:54 PDT 2000

Thumpa wrote:
>  I have been having trouble with my yurt project snapping as I pull the
>hannas out to set them up.  I choose a poor wood source.  Has anyone used
>pvc for thier hannas?  Do y'all think it would bow to much when the weight
>of the roof was applied or just not look as good as wood?  Im begining to
>think a few weeks of extra shifts so I can buy one is a better idea but i
>love the idea of working on this myself.

PVC would not make an acceptable khana. It will bow too much and will not
be strong enough by far. At the very least you should use indoor lath
molding, but a better material is outdoor lath. It's thicker, up to a
quarter of an inch, and is usually pressure treated. This means it will be
heavier, but if you build the khana in sections, which is traditional, then
the weight is inconsequential.

What material are you using now, and how are you building it? That is, what
are you using to join the lath together, and how far apart are you drilling
the holes? Also, how long is each individual strip?


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