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> bjorn wrote:
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> >  Greetings,
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> > Either way is fine with me.I understand your point about keeping the
> > list for just tent making.Oerhaps the easiest solution would be for
> > to start a list for camp furniture.
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> > Isn't this sort of what The Encamptment List was about ?
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> > Bjorn
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> > Subject: TENT - Re:list members vote!
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> >  Welcome to the list! There are about thirteen new members in the past
> > two weeks! Roll call is still not complete, but the number is about 58
> > with all of the new members.
> > Hope you enjoy the list.
> >
> >         There was a question about if we should make this list an
> > emcampment list as well. This would included the furniture and getting
> > together. I really want it to be a guild
> > list, but this includes all of it. I just don't want to let it get too
> > far from our goal of tent making. I am always willing to do what the
> > people on the list would like to
> > see in the list. It will remain mainly for those interested in making a
> > tent or period tenting people who have purchased one. But the furniture
> > goes with this. I am having
> > three beds made for my tudor and a table. Ok I like to camp in style!
> > :) I do want people to get the most out of the list. You have to have
> > all the pretties that goes into
> > the tent, including period tent decorations.
> > Please let me know your vote on it. I think some people would like to
> > have their answers kept private. So please email me at
> > marguerite at ih2000.net and I will let you know
> > what the majority would like to see.
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> > I was thinking the same thing. I need to see if I can get another site
open. But as for as a guild period encampments is part of it. Marguerite
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        Greetings to all here,    I am Connor mac Clure of Bryn Gwlad. I
have just joined your group and at a very interesting time, as the ?
concerning furniture comes up.
            I am renting, from my landlord, a 20 x 20 foot work shead and
have over the last 4 yrs purchased wood tools (table saw, drill press, new
unused thickness plainer and assorted hand power tools).
            It is my intent for as long as I can afored it to start a sca
furniture / self help shop. with a simple 3 letter combo box on the door so
that even if I am not around one can uses the shop just about any time..
keep in mine this is my frist atemp at such a task.
            Designs and pictures would be a great inperation for future
projects. Also a name for the shop, " rusty oak ", " pine shop " maybe that
will come with time.....

            Update as to the shop, benches go up wednesday and thursday nigh
if I can find the time as our local event is this weekend " Candlemas" and
by next wednesday the machines will be in place. I will also be putting a
computer in so drafting simple ideas and take place....

                                If you are in the austin area and would like
to help or uses the shop ... email is checked 1-3 day increments or better
call me at 512-918-0977.

            First project will probable be folding chairs and tables, some
thing all ways needed at an event.

Connor mac Clure, Constable to the Barony of Bryn Gwlad

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