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Wed Feb 2 14:02:49 PST 2000

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anyone making yurts experimented with engineered materials such as
"trex" (made of 50% of the shopping bags that pile up around the
house, 50% hardwood fibers, mixed, heated, and extruded under
pressure) for the wall lathing?  

been increasingly using it in decking locally and seems like a ideal
solution for a lot of outdoor problems ... stronger than wood,
dimensionally stable, does not warp, works easily (for decking uses,
have used table saws, crosscut saws, drills, & routers, ... on it), a
bit heavier, costs a bit more than treated, longer lived, does not
splinter, water degradation is not a issue, develops a appealing gray
color over time, can accept paint & stain though not necessary, does
not absorb water in end-grain, use a power nailer and no nail "pop's"
(heat of setting the nail fuses the material to the nail shaft)  ...

some additional areas it would have uses ... outdoor furniture that
needs to be weather resistant, trailer decking, duck-boards for
showers, ...

as soon as the new house table saw arrives and gets setup, want to
get some 2x supplies 
and experiment with using it for lathing.  also want to start
experimenting for other non-decking uses (one immediate use, new
top's for my work benches).

.. the street finds uses for things

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