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>   I just want to let the good populace know that if you are 
> looking  for the tent guild. It will now be all "Period 
> encampments" on the Ansteorra Kingdom list site! 

isn't two "period encampment" elists a bit of overkill for the
subject ???  already most of the tent related stuff is being
forwarded over to the origional site (a spin off of this one) and
several i know have dropped this one in favor.  when it was
tent-centric the elsit had significant topical value, expanding it
simply to compete with another list dilutes that unique value and
forces people to pick one or the other (so far, the other list has a
bigger following and more useful discussions on the particular

all in all, it's starting to get the feel of "dueling elists"
marketing for hearts & minds (or in modern terms "eyes").  take it
back to it's origional purpose.  a slower traffic, high information
list is a lot more useful than a high traffic, low information one. 

from long observation, running silimar things, and working in the
industry ... i would suggest that in time, i think that the elist
relevent to general scadian stuff will thrive primarly on Onelist and
it's like (wider choices, easier for non-kingdom folk to find) and
the kingdom / regional / baronial centric / official stuff will live
on the more controlled ansteorran hardware / domain. 

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