PE - An Explanation, and an Apology

Tanya Guptill tguptill at
Thu Feb 3 09:28:35 PST 2000

Dear tent-making friends,

After reading the recent posts about the different groups, I feel I should
explain the reasonings behind my starting the new group, Medieval Encampments on
OneList, as I am worried I may have caused some hurt feelings, which concerns me

First of all, let me say that I have nothing but respect and affection for Lady
Marguerite.  She has put a lot of effort and care into this group, and her input
has been informative and interesting.  It is our good fortune that she decided
to start this mailing list! There was never any plan to belittle her excellent
contributions, or this list, or to compete with her creation in any way.  If I
have inadvertently stepped on her toes or hurt her feelings, I truly apologize,
as that was not my purpose at all.

The separate list was started after I received two emails about how much mail
had been generated by the tent list.  I looked back and realized that there was
quite a bit of mail, and that it was moving from the topic of tents.  Also, when
Mistress Cymbric came back from a long weekend, she mentioned that she had a lot
of email in her mailbox, and wondered if there was a digest version of the
group.  Snooping around, I didn't see a way to get a digest version for the Tent

I started the Medieval Encampments lists with the note that it was for
everything BUT tents, and that it would be available in a digest, or even web
page, form.  On the main web page for Medival Encampments , it specifically says
this, and gives the info for the Tent Guild.  This was done so it would not
detract from the network and good discussions that we had already started.  I
put out invitations for the new group, and on every invitation I put a note
about the Tent Guild, and the address to sign up for it.

People started signing up for the new group, and started discussing the ENTIRE
campsite, including tents.  I dropped a few private emails, gently directing
them to the Tent Guild, and copied pertinent posts over to both mailing lists.
I suddenly realized (about the same time it was brought to my attention) that
some people were signed up on both lists, and were getting twice the email, so
THAT idea wasn't going to work. I believe I've been naive tothink that people
wouldn't want to talk about their entire campsites, including their tents.

My hopes would be that the Tent Guild remain a place for tent makers to bring
their questions, discoveries, and observations.  There is a need for that!  My
first area of interest is still tents, and I have enjoyed my time on this list
tremendously.  Any of you tent makers who have been enthusiastically chatting
about the proper weight of canvas, your new tent project, or questioning whether
grommets were period, and have watched your companions eyes glazing over in
boredom, understand how nice it is to talk with other people who get excited
about the same things you do.  If there is any sort of an 'elitist' feel to us,
I would say it would be because we are a minority group that has a primary
interest in something a bit unusual.  I know some of us have offered to teach
classes and been turned down.  I've been told before that there 'is no interest'
(don't get me started on that topic!).

I guess I just wanted to say that there was never any deliberate attempt to
'compete' with this group.  I have nothing but respect and interest in
everyone's efforts, and I apologize again if I have inconvenienced anyone.  I
didn't mean to muddy the waters like this, and would welcome suggestions and
observations.   I can't see pulling the plug on the Onelist mailing group,
because it is active and growing, and doing a lot of non-tent discussion
(non-coolers, slat beds, kitchen boxes, etc.), but I would hope that this group
would continue, too.


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