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Thu Feb 3 16:26:15 PST 2000

To Good people of the list.
>From Marguerite des Fleur,
List Master,

I would like to clear the air of couple of things. I am not sure so where this whole discussion started. First here is no misunderstand or problems with myself and Mira. I
am in fact very honored that she is on the list. Also the many skilled people we have. We have a really good thing going on here. I have been friends with Mira by email
with her for about two years. We email each other off the list many times. She has been a role model of mine for some time in her skills, knowledge, all the wealth of
information and the service she is doing is outstanding. She needs to be honored and respected. 

Also I have not been offended by her actions to start another period encampment list. She needs to committed for her actions. She is right about us being the minority in
the arts and sciences. We need to have a a lot more encampment list start in all the kingdoms. For many reasons:

If we do not educate the laurels we will never be able to win comps with our hard and timeless skills. I recently entered my first arts and sciences competition. The two
laurels thought that chains on the top of a 18 foot round was for ventilation. All of us knows that it is for strength to support to hold the weight of a heavy tent. But
they are not at fault. We need to teach them our skills to them. As a result I got marked down because the sock to cover the chains did not holes in it for the proper
ventilation to occur.

Second, I had asked the good man who maintains the list what would be a good name for the list to be called I was going to make it the period tents, furniture and
encampments. However this good man say just call it period encampments. So we did!
Third, it is my goal when I started to list to educate all and have an Ansteorra Tent guild. So we can have period encampments as part of the Guild. When I start playing in
this kingdom. We where the ONLY period tent in the whole camp site. It is that void of tents in this kingdom. Without the period tents, encampments do not have the same
feel or the middle ages. Plus there was a man on the list that stated the same thing I was thinking. That on a list like this the discussions will get crossed from time to
That is why I ask for the polling of should we make this an encampment list. I had many people email me stating that they join this list for that very thing. If we get
furniture makers. To come and join then that would in all of our best interest. 

        Finally. Please lets not be ugly to each other on this list. If you have something to direct to me please do so privately. I really am a really nice person and
wouldn't even mind calling you at my expense to talk things over. My heart is breaking because of the things that was said over the list. I want this to fun and friendly.
We in the SCA should always lift each other up. The mundane world is full of the uglyness already. We need to set the example for them and always lift each other up. That
is what makes the SCA so special. I am a license Social Worker so I know what is in the outside world. I for one do not want to see this on the list. If I never have a
problem with someone I talk only to that person. I want us on the list to become some what of a family, or a big house hold of kind. To be able to meet at encampments, to
give each other a hug and then show off our skills to the known world. We can smile as we make everyone jealous because we have something very special. We all pay a lot for
the things we have and put a lot of time and effort into it more then any other art out there. (not to up set any one) but the furniture, the tent, the pretty things we put
in it takes a lot of our time. I don't know about you guys but I have four kids the Seneschal at large and owner of spinning winds. That is only the start of my time. Then
to make sure my tent is clean and all the things I put into it is ready for events is a lot of my little time left. So please if you our upset with me or think I am up set
don't put it on the list. E-mail me privately and we can talk but lets not make others see this. That is not the good chivalry we should all be a part of.
    If you are part of another kingdom and would like to start an encampment list please do so. WE need a wave of fire across the Known world of tents and encampments. I
would so glad to do what I can to help you out. 
Also if my letters is not of the best grammar. Please forgive. I am very busy and have alot of emails to answer in very little time. Thank you for your time.
In service to my Great Kingdom Ansteorra.
Lady Marguerite des Fleur,
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