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Cherie Nolan marguerite at
Thu Feb 3 19:56:20 PST 2000

Good people of the list! I need your feed back! I am wanting to have a charter written for the tent guild in my kingdom. But not sure how to write one and what it should
include. To be honest I have never seen a charter that was written. Can I get feed back from those in the list of what should be in one and how to write one. Also I need a
name, I am not very good at picking one, so I need all of your help. I also need ideas to spark guild memberships. Also is any one on the list going to Gulf wars. I love it
if we can get together and do and encampment there as well. I will be doing merchanting but plan to have fun as well. I think a stone soup night would be really good and
fun! That way we can sit and have a really nice visit. In Calontri we would also do a Pina Colida night for the ladies and let the men go do things they want to do, the
manly thing. The women would have great time.  What do you think! Marguerite 
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