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Thu Feb 3 20:05:40 PST 2000

Greetings M'lord,

I have read your page and since you addressed two of my questions I would
like to thank you for your informative responses.  Alas, I must express my
regret that I didn't ask the questions before building the tent.   At this
writing I have completed the roof or canopy section of my tent so basically
its in my estimation 75 percent complete.  Reading your responses I realized
that I had noticed a distinct odor coming from my tent material (presumably
from the waterproofing)  now I am beginning to realize that something that
smells so foul may not be such a good thing while camping not to mention
flammable.  I'm about to go do a fire test on it (keep your fingers crossed
that I don't burn my fingers ha!)

Anyway, I appreciate your responses and I would encourage the others on this
list to read them...especially if, like me, you are a newcomer to tent

I love this list.

Yours in our Society,

Rhys Goch
Mka Sam Walters
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> Hello, all.
> Over the past week, a number of questions have been asked on this list
> various aspects of tentmaking. I realized that some of my answers to these
> questions would have been too long-winded to answer on this list, so (for
this and
> other reasons which are explained elsewhere), I've posted these answers on
my web
> page. The URL is:
> Those who have access to the Internet but not to the World Wide Web can
obtain a
> copy of this page by emailing me privately. When requesting it, please let
me know
> whether your service allows attachments or not.
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