PE - Re: quick fire test results

Todric todric at
Fri Feb 4 08:50:16 PST 2000

At 10:24 AM 02/04/2000 -0600, Rhys Goch wrote:

>*Takes a bow*  Thank you...thank you very much...

        I add my applause! :-)

>I was going to include in my test some modern nylon tent material but
>couldn't bring myself to cut holes in my modern tent. Ha. But I imagine
>that it would burn much faster than any of the other materials that I did
>use.  I picture in my mind one of those old cartoons where the character is
>shot with a cannon or some such item and all that is left is burning

        I'm afraid it'd be a lot more like having sticky flaming goo raining
down on you. No fun at all!
        BTW, it's nice to meet a fellow researcher! Have you done any
comparisons on water-seal type products?

        Todric OL, OP, GDH


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