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John LaTorre jlatorre at
Mon Feb 7 11:41:56 PST 2000

Since it's within a week of my leaving for Estrella, I thought I'd touch base
with the list and confirm what I think is happening.

So far, the "Period Encampment" contingent from the Tent List  will consist of
me, Mira, and Sunjan. Anybody else? And I'd like to know your guessimated time
of arrival there. I personally plan to be there at noon, or shortly thereafter,
on Wednesday.

Also, it looks like I might be bringing my trailer after all. Should I ask
Master Drusilus to allot us another 600 square feet for a 20 x 30 "BC" type
sunshade for us to use as an open social area, and to put our various furniture
projects on better display? I could also bring a firepit, with a cooking grill,
for cooking and fires and such. I'll also have a propane stove, which anybody
can use if they contribute a bottle of propane.

As of yesterday, the tentmaking class still wasn't posted on the Estrella web
site, but if the Collegium Chancellor says it's happening, I presume it will be
listed on the site handout. If it's completely dropped through the cracks, we
can always hold it under the sunshade.

John LaTorre (Johann von Drachenfels)

"Always do right. It will gratify some people & astonish the rest."
--Mark Twain

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