PE - Re: Estrella

Tanya Guptill tguptill at
Tue Feb 8 17:03:17 PST 2000

John and fellow tenties,

Sunjan and I are confirmed for bringing down the 18' yurt, and we'll be leaving the
airport at Phoenix about noonish on Thursday, so you will be there before us.  The
yurt is getting delivered separately to the site (Thank you Aveloc!), and Sunjan,
I, and an Oerthan lady will catch a shuttle out to the site.

I figure our class must've gotten some coverage somewhere, even if it isn't on the
web page, because anyone teaching at our class is invited to the Estrella Teacher's
Tea,  Saturday, the 19th, from 3PM to 5PM.   The event copy read "
Come to tea!  Bring lots of class notes to share with other teachers!  I will
prepare a light tea, and you can take two hours to sit in the shade, chat,
and RELAX!  :o)  Positively decadent!  :o)"

Kind of sounded like fun....


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