PE - Crows Feet

Matthew Mole MatthewM at
Thu Feb 10 15:59:20 PST 2000

A knotty problem.

I have just set up my new centre pole pavilion for the first time. There are
no supporting hoops or wheels. The shape of the tent is supported purely by
the guy ropes that run through channels in the roof panels and tie off to a
metal ring at the top of the pole. This is in the form of a King Rene type

Unfortunately this does not create any tension on the roof panels, so I want
to add crows feet to the guy ropes.

Question 1: How do the crows feet attach to the guy rope? From the various
illustrations I have seen it is some form of complex knot but there it not
enough detail to see.

Question 2: Is there a particular recommended method of attaching the crows
feet to the tent to get even tension on the roof?

I would prefer an authentic documentable method of achieving this if


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