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Hi All,

Tanya's email has got my brain working again.

A lot of the Eastern tents in ms show a darker patches where the guy 
ropes meet the roof just above the roof edge, possibly indication 

> > Any documentation on grommets in medieval tents?
> > Did they use the "ring & whipstitch" method (I tried it - not as easy as it
> > sounds!), or the "pound together" method we use mundanely?
> A great question!--and one I am still pondering.  My only evidence for grommets, besides the
> paintings of ropes emerging from holes that have a ring that is a different color than the
> fabric, is this:
> --part of a very late period Roman (late period for Rome, that is) tent, which has a grommet
> type fastener on it
> --an intriguing discussion on grommets in period sails.  The contributor had evidence that the
> period sails used a ring of bone, then the whipstitch method to nearly cover the ring with
> thread, then snip out any remaining center.  Unfortunately, I don't have his sources on this,
> but I thought it was interesting.
> It might be worth seeing whether metal grommets were used in period armor, to see if they
> existed during our time period.
> Mira
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