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Cherie Nolan marguerite at
Sat Feb 19 14:20:56 PST 2000

Samuel Walters wrote:
> > What color is it and the size? Marguerite
> Well, it is your basic unbleached canvas color.  Kinda an off white beige.
> It's about 14' in diameter. 12' high at the peak.  and has 6' walls.  I had
> been planning to paint it the seams with a dark green color.  I just don't
> know exactly how I'm going to do it or what design I will use.  Like
> architectural lines or just plain lines or something really fancy.
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It wouldn't be very hard to do a nice line of painting with points curving out of it! Kind hard to explain, but looks really nice on the tent. Plus if you found a stamp or
something with a fleur de lisps you could have that in the middle. I would love to see a picture. thinking about having a web site of people's tent's for people to go a
see. To show there works. After gulf wars I would like to see about that! Let us know what you decide. Are you going to war? Marguerite
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