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Sat Feb 19 14:30:03 PST 2000

Nessa Giddings wrote:
> --- Cherie Nolan <marguerite at> wrote:
> > Tent list is really quite these days, what is
> > everyone working on. Have six tents to finish before
> > Gulf wars. Including my own tudor. Let me know the
> > kinds of things you
> > are working on. How many people is going to war. I
> > would really like to meet you all out there.
> > Marguerite
> Greetings Marguerite and all on this list,
>   I have recently come to this list to listen to your
> learned advice on tent making and period encampments.
> At this time I have only made one tent and I am in the
> process of making my second. My first tent was a
> Viking pavilion from the Known World Handbook. My
> second is conciderably more difficult. I am working on
> a round centerpole pavilion, eight sided, 11 ft at the
> peak. It has canvas colored walls and green for the
> decoration and roof. I chose this design because I
> didn't want guyropes. I think the hardest thing to do
> on this tent will be the test drive. I will be worried
> the whole time about it collapsing or something going
> wrong.
>   Has anyone any ideas as to what should be painted on
> the valance? All my decoration will be sewn on except
> the valance. I will be painting it. Some have said
> that a phrase would be good, but I am not sure. What
> say you?
> Thank you,
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Do you have the size of the peices of your pattern yet. I can give you the measurments. Make sure that in your efforts not to have guide ropes that you put your self in
safty issues. Poles are heavy falling down and if you have children in the tent you do not want to have them get hit in the head if a storm should show up. Side poles with
ropes is not a bad thing. You do not need to have ropes from the center pin. 

Scalloped dags and flowers is a really nice look for the dags with trim along the edge. Welcome to the list we usually have a lot more people on it but with all the camping
activities plus wars. People are getting tents ready. Margeurite
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