PE - Re: the tent poles and risk

Cherie Nolan marguerite at
Sun Feb 20 07:09:41 PST 2000

Point well taken, we all need to make sure we have safe tents to camp in. Every now and then I run across people who have the goal of removing guy ropes. But do not think
of the risk they are taken with those around them or them selves. That is why I first said for her to think of her safty, then mentioned her possible children, to make her
think of the risk she was taking and I was trying to be gentle about it. To stop and make her think of what she putting in her tent. I am a mother and if I thought of doing
anything to hurt one of my four children. I would stop anything I was thinking or planning on in that manner. The point was not to suggest that others don't matter but that
they need to think about what they are planning to do. Sometimes kindest is the best way of making poeple see what they are doing wrong. They don't need to be forced into
it. Guy ropes adds to the safty of our whole encampment. Thank you for the point well taken. Marguerite   
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