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Samuel Walters agincrt at
Sun Feb 20 08:46:13 PST 2000

Marguerite wrote:

> > Snip entire first post>
> > Do you have the size of the peices of your pattern yet. I can
> > give you the measurments. Make sure that in your efforts not to
> > have guide ropes that you put your self in
> > safty issues. Poles are heavy falling down and if you have
> > children in the tent you do not want to have them get hit in the
> > head if a storm should show up. Side poles with
> > ropes is not a bad thing. You do not need to have ropes from the
> > center pin.
> > Margeurite

Regina wrote:

> Sorry, you've pushed one of my buttons!  Reference your sentence on poles.
> So, if she has no children it's all right not to worry about falling
> That 15 pound pole (mine is) can fall merrily away as long as there are no
> _children_ in the tent.  No problem if it crushes the skull of her 54 year
> old neighbor, 30 year old passer by, or simply cripples herself of her
> spouse?
> Children are very dear members of society, but they are by no means the
> _only_ ones.  Injuries can be devastating no matter what the individual's
> age is.
> Regina Romsey
Please M'lady, just because somebody doesn't list every possible person that
could be injured by a falling pole does not mean that she doesn't care if
they get injured!  You need to relax a bit and think about it. She did not
condone the poles falling on anyone at all.  She merely used children as an
example of how bad a situation falling poles could be.

For myself I wonder where people get these buttons that they say are being


Yours in our Society,

Rhys Goch
Mka Sam Walters

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