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Sun Feb 20 08:58:08 PST 2000

--- Cherie Nolan <marguerite at> wrote:
> Point well taken, we all need to make sure we have
> safe tents to camp in. Every now and then I run
> across people who have the goal of removing guy
> ropes. 

Hello all, 
  I think that removing guy ropes from my tent should
be relativly safe. There is only one pole, the
centerpole. I have a hub and spoke center to hold out
the eaves. The measurments and design are from someone
elses website. The whole tent is designed to hold
itself up. The tent is staked at every seam at the
bottom, the tension from this hold everything in
place. My centerpole will be secured by a portable
hole of massive dimensions. So between the tesion set
up by the staskes and the portable hole I should be
ok. This is why all the measurments have to be spot
on. Even if my stakes all fly off in some wierd and
freaky incident, my tent will not fall over, my walls
will just flap around and it may sway a bit. I thought
long and hard about all the tent designs I have seen
and this one seemed very well thought out. Thank you
for the concern though.
I have talked to the man who made this tent and he
assures me it is wonderful. 

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