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> > Point well taken, we all need to make sure we have
> > safe tents to camp in. Every now and then I run
> > across people who have the goal of removing guy
> > ropes. 

i know that i will probably regert the asking, but *why* would anyone
want to remove a necessary structural componet (guy lines) from a
time-tested design (western "tent")???  

if you're going to use this style of shelter, i can't see any good
reason for removing them from the basic design.  unlike other styles
- - modern geodesics and oriental yurts are two that come to mind
(designed to get their structural support from their frame
structures) - all western tents i am familair with are reliant on guy
ropes for their primary structural integrity. remove them, and you
have a inherently unstable structure ... especially when the wind
blows or it rains/snows.


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