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Wanda Pease wandapease at
Sun Feb 20 15:10:35 PST 2000

> Hello all,
>   I think that removing guy ropes from my tent should
> be relativly safe. There is only one pole, the
> centerpole. I have a hub and spoke center to hold out
> the eaves.

My Lady,

	I have a tent made from that site as well.  It went through the Egils
downpour, where the skys opened and we were thinking about arks and high
mountains, and the "spinning winds" (well, nothing like they have in tornado
country, but the wind was doing S turns all around the valley) of another
event I can't remember the name of, and it came through fine.  I did lose
one of my spokes as the tent bellied out and let it come loose from the
corner pocket, but it still stood like brick outhouse.
    I thought that might be what you were talking about, and agree that you
are probably fine.  In fact, I have tripped over enough guy ropes in my time
and seen children run full tilt into them too (doesn't have to be dark for
those of us who are innately clumsy) that I wanted a stable design without

     Love that Pavilino.  I asked Master Terafan Greydragon if he could
manage to go down to Bern, Switzerland where the period example that Past
Tents claimed was the prototype for the design is located.  He is stationed
in Stuttgart which is relatively "just down the road".  He graciously
replied he would do so as soon as he had the leave.  He said something about
using this long weekend to go to Austria to ski, Venice to see a textile
museum, etc.  (grind teeth!)

Regina Romsey >

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