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Samuel Walters agincrt at
Sun Feb 20 12:55:29 PST 2000

Wolf wrote:

> > i know that i will probably regert the asking, but
> > *why* would anyone
> > want to remove a necessary structural componet (guy
> > lines) from a
> > time-tested design (western "tent")???
> > if you're going to use this style of shelter, i
> > can't see any good
> > reason for removing them from the basic design.
> > unlike other styles
> > (designed to get their structural support from their
> > frame
> > structures) - all western tents i am familair with
> > are reliant on guy
> > ropes for their primary structural integrity. remove
> > them, and you
> > have a inherently unstable structure ... especially
> > when the wind
> > blows or it rains/snows.
> >
> > 'wolf

Then Nessa responded:

> I am sorry sir but I have at lease two paintings of
> round center-pole tents that have no guy ropes. They
> are stasked at the bottom or the walls. My tent will
> not be unstable. My Lords daughter could probably
> swing off the spokes and it wouldn't collapse. Though
> I might have to replace a stake or two. Guy ropes are
> not 'necessary' for this design. It is all in how you
> make it. :)
> Nessa
> Genoese besieging Mahdia, in Tunisia (1390)
> (BNF, FR2646)
> Jean Froissart, Chronicales
> fol.79
> Flanders, Bruges 15th Century
> (160, 200mm)

My question is that are we certain that the artists of the paintings didn't
paint the guy ropes because they didn't exist on those tents or did they
leave them off for convenience?  Without guy ropes the design of the tent
must have the spokes that you mentioned.  Only I have not heard any
documentation for this design.  (Not to say it doesn't exist just that I
have neither seen nor heard of it.)  Is the internal frame of spokes shown
in your documentation?

Honestly, I'm not trying to poopooh your tent or its design only asking if
this is documentable or are you sacrificing documentation so that it is
easier to set up?

Yours in our Society,

Rhys Goch
Mka Sam Walters

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