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Gregory Stapleton gregsta at
Sun Feb 20 21:44:58 PST 2000

> My question is that are we certain that the artists of the
> paintings didn't
> paint the guy ropes because they didn't exist on those tents or did they
> leave them off for convenience?  Without guy ropes the design of the tent
> must have the spokes that you mentioned.  Only I have not heard any
> documentation for this design.  (Not to say it doesn't exist just that I
> have neither seen nor heard of it.)  Is the internal frame of spokes shown
> in your documentation?
> Honestly, I'm not trying to poopooh your tent or its design only asking if
> this is documentable or are you sacrificing documentation so that it is
> easier to set up?

I took Sir Dafyd's pavilion course a few years back at one of our
collegium's and have seen several period illuminations (though of course I
have none at hand to quote from) that show the "hub and spoke" design.  It
is a period technique.

Gawain Kilgore / Gregory Stapleton

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