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Tue Feb 22 07:45:03 PST 2000


Now, you didn't think I could resist such a temptation as offered documentation,
did you?  If you have found evidence of the spoked wheel design, we've been
actively looking for it, and would love to have it shared.  Would it be possible
for you to find those pictures?

Thank you!
Mira Silverlock McKendrick

Gregory Stapleton wrote:

> > My question is that are we certain that the artists of the
> > paintings didn't
> > paint the guy ropes because they didn't exist on those tents or did they
> > leave them off for convenience?  Without guy ropes the design of the tent
> > must have the spokes that you mentioned.  Only I have not heard any
> > documentation for this design.  (Not to say it doesn't exist just that I
> > have neither seen nor heard of it.)  Is the internal frame of spokes shown
> > in your documentation?
> >
> > Honestly, I'm not trying to poopooh your tent or its design only asking if
> > this is documentable or are you sacrificing documentation so that it is
> > easier to set up?
> I took Sir Dafyd's pavilion course a few years back at one of our
> collegium's and have seen several period illuminations (though of course I
> have none at hand to quote from) that show the "hub and spoke" design.  It
> is a period technique.
> Gawain Kilgore / Gregory Stapleton
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