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Greetings to all from Master Terafan,

	I hope I can address some of the valance decoration questions, and
the safety questions.  I have also agreed to take a trip down to Bern,
Switzerland, and see if I can find the original tent that is supposed to be
the basis for the Past Tents design.    I will let everyone know what I
find, and if I can get photos, I will make them available. 

	I have (also) made TWO of the pavilinos based on Master Dafydd's
hub/spoke design.  

You can see pictures at 

The first picture shows the hub and center pole.  It also show a "lantern
ring" which is just a circle of plywood, with a slot cut to slide around the
center pole) that holds a dozen oil lamps. 

The second picture shows the outside of the "medium" size pavalino.  You can
see there are NO guy ropes.  I have been using this for a couple of years,
and NEVER had it fall down, nor have I had one of the spokes fall out.  I
DID make a change to the spoke pocket, and that is explained on the web

The third picture shows that I painted my motto on my valance.  It took two
of the sides to get all the words on, and since I had left over space at the
end, I put a Welsh dragon.   Since the pavalino has 12 sides, my motto is
painted on 6 times.  The is just one thought for Lady Nessa.  

The fourth picture is of the "small" pavalino (4 ft radius at spokes).
Again, you see there are no guy ropes.  This pavalino has been used at
Pennsic three years in a row, with no problems.  We haven't  finished
painting the small one, as my wife hasn't decided what she wants to do.  

I *REALLY* like Nessa's thought of using a massive portable hole for the
center pole.  It does add another degree of safety.  I realize the
unlikeliness of having ALL 12 stakes pull out of the ground (especially
since I made special 18" long stakes), but it could happen, and the portable
hole that holds up the center pole is a neat idea.  (I just have to think
about how I would get the center pole into the portable hole.  I currently
stake out the tent and THEN insert the center pole, and it is pretty
tight/heavy already.  



Master Terafan Greydragon           barclayp at
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  Has anyone any ideas as to what should be painted on
the valance? All my decoration will be sewn on except
the valance. I will be painting it. Some have said
that a phrase would be good, but I am not sure. What
say you? 

Thank you,

Lady Nessa of the Lox 
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