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	Just because the ropes are NOT there in a painting, and your use of
commons sense doesn't mean that they automatically were there...

	What you say is true, many paintings *may* have left them out to
reduce the clutter.  Other painting, however, are NOT the "entire camp
perspective".   One example of this is the "Dream of Constantine" shown at

Pictures from the Froissart chronicles can be seen at

In the Jean Froissart picture of the Battle of Chizé (1373), the artist
shows guy ropes on several of the tents, however the only ropes (that *I*
can see) on the blue tent and the red tent are the high wind ropes.

In the Froissart depiction of the Genoese besieging Mahdia, in Tunisia
(1390), there are clearly NO ropes on the red tent or the yellow tent in the
foreground.  It *looks* like the white tent in the back has ropes, but it is
hard to tell.

It is reasonable to believe that if the artist was willing to take the time
and effort to put guy ropes in the paintings, that it would be done
consistently.  Some, yet NOT ALL, of the tents have ropes displayed.  

Just food for thought....



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removing the lines from a artistic representation of that camp,
simply removes some of the visual "noise"  or "clutter" from the
composition (after all. a guy line is something so common and
widespread, that anyone familiar with the thing (tents) would
understand that they are assuumed to be there for the thing to work
as it should.

this concept was hammered home by one of my art history profs when he
was making a point about traps inherent in using such artistic
representations for such historic proofs ... artists have license and
use it frequently.    

the concept has come up time and time again when discussing such
matters in the scadian mileau ... "this is the way that it was done
becuase this painting depicts it as so" ..."

... healthy skepticism and common sense, two under-used tools of the
modern age

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