PE - Valance decorations / pole-safety issues

Nessa Giddings nessaofthelox at
Tue Feb 22 09:50:03 PST 2000

Greetings Master Terafan, and everyone,

Thank you for all the information. 
    I wish that I could see the original tent as well
but I just can't get to Switzerland. Ah well. Could
you please go into a little more detail about your
lantern ring? It is very difficult to see in the
photo, and it sounds like a Great idea. The pocket
idea is SO good! I have not yet sewn them on so this
is perfect timing! Thank you. I do not yet have a
motto, but my Lord and I were thinking of using a
quote from Shakespeare because it is the only thing we
can agree on! I am making the smaller tent with eight
sides and the only thing I have changed is the
valance. I have made it a little deeper and wider at
the bottom, and I have made it so that it is attached
all the way around. So a long saying is ok to have all
the way around. Your tents are beautiful and I love
the decorating on them. I am limited in the arches and
achitectural designs because I am sewing them on
instead of painting them. Because I am making the tent
that is 11 ft. high having a massive portable hole is
feasable. I wanted it because if I ever have to set up
the tent alone I can put the hub and spokes into the
shoulder and put my centerpole through that, set it
upright, and then stake it out. It saves having
someone holding the pole for me, I am a little woman.
This tent is taking so much more thought than my last
one. Another thing is some places that we camp in here
in AnTir will not allow 18" stakes. It damages the
parks. So the added stability is only to the good. I
can't wait to have a banner on the top of my tent! 
Thank you again!

Lady Nessa of the Lox 
Student to Mistress Ariel de Courteney.
Arts & Sciences Mistress,
Helper for the Toad,
Eisenmarche, AN TIR!
ICQ: 41681020
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