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Andrew Tye wrote:

> Dear Mira,
> I saw this on the Rialto and was reminded that I had not passed some
> information to you.
> "This has always surprised me--I've seen this done repeatedly re:
> costuming, when I wouldn't think of walking into someone's camp and
> telling them that their Sibley cone tent or French Bell with awning is
> from the Civil War era"
> This last May I was in Germany and visiting the castle museum of Coburg on
> the Thurungian-Bavarian border. In the castle is a smallish room
> completely covered in inlayed wood with detailed scenes depicting an
> elaborate drive hunt. The scenes are laid out in chronological order in
> both close-up and landscape views. There are two tents depicted throughout
> the course of the hunt. One is a marquis that is set up at the base of the
> drive cone without canvas walls. In their place, "walls" of cut greenery
> are put after the canvas roof is up and staked down. It is used as a
> shooting blind.
> The other tent is a French bell with awnings. It is first shown being
> set-up in the same method that Tent/Smiths/Masters marquis are. (ie. With
> four long lines attached to the two pole tops sticking up through the
> canvas.) The second scene shows the tent in use as an officials tent with
> the awnings rolled up to show someone seated at a table and writing
> inside. The last scene shows the take-down and clean up after the hunt.
> The French bell is laid out flat ready for folding with someone carefully
> removing one of the finials. (This last bit caused me to double-take as it
> depicted the act exactly as I do it.)
> Unfortunately, the date on this inlayed wood room is 1632, a wee bit late
> for being within the canon. Still, its a fair bit closer than the ACW. I
> would have taken extensive photos of this if it were allowed. The best I
> could do was to sketch out the pertinent detail right after I left the
> museum. A photograph of the room however can be seen at:
> <>
> Thanks for all the effort on your site. I find that I refer people to it
> when they ask me what my tent looks like.
> Ivar Hakonarson
> Crosston, West.
> Formerly of Adiantum

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