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Tue Feb 29 21:01:18 PST 2000

I think I must have been under the impression that
this happened more often, I am sorry that I was using
a little misinformation. I appologize.

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> Kendal)
> Subject: Re: tents
> >Dear Baron Gerhard,
> > I was wondering if you could help me with
> >information. I think I have found one of those
> >questions. I remeber someone telling me about stake
> >lengths in our kingdom, and how some parks have a
> >stake length limit when talking about our tents. Is
> >this true? Are there places we camp that have a
> limit
> >to the length of stake we use to nail our tents
> down
> >or is this a myth? I really didn't know who else to
> >ask. Thank you for any information.
> >Nessa
> Greetings Lady Nessa,
> I seem to recall some park where short (8") stakes
> were required, due to
> irrigation pipes just below the surface. If that
> place is used in the
> future, I'm sure the autocrats will let everyone
> know in the copy. Apart
> from that, the only "stake problem" that I know of
> is at Farragut Park in
> Idaho (May Crown Site) where there is sometimes
> pavement or concrete just
> below the surface, which makes staking sometimes a
> trial.
> Cheers,
> Gerhard

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