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Cherie Nolan marguerite at
Sun Jun 18 14:52:41 PDT 2000

Well according to the kingdom electronic chronicler and to a couple of other people. it is safe to post them to the list due to the fact that the owner of the drawing is
dead and that there can really no longer be a copy right. however I have tried to post them and the type of list that we have will not aloud us to post them without
bouncing them back so if you want them please email me or john and we can get them to you. 

What does people who have them think of them. Great. It must have been nice to have someone to make this for you in this time period. Marguerite

> I've sent, and will continue to send, these pictures to
> anybody who has asked for them, but I've hesitated to post
> them publicly because they are, I'm sure, under copyright
> and I didn't want to get the list people in trouble.
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