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	My apologies for the seeming confusion in dates and other things.  

- The existing tent has its finial mounted on the roof cap on top of the

- The other roof cap is from some other tent, and the info from that roof
cap says it is from 1661.  I have added the photo of the caption card to the
link for that roof cap.

- There were two or three other finials on the wall.  (I just took a picture
of the one that clearly existed before 1600.)  My understanding is that
these are from other tents that no longer exist.  (just the finial

One would certainly assume that a finial is of no use without a tent, but
that THIS TENT was not around in 1591.  My impression of the finials (and
what I could understand from the staff) was that the finials WERE removable
( and therefore replace-able), but that it was not often done.   (Why would
some lord or baron want a different finial than "his own" ?)



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Master Terafan I have a question!  According to your paragraph regarding the
Basal tent, The museum says it was made in the first half of the of the 17th
century.  The caption of the photo of the removable finale says it was used
in 1591 and in 1736.

One would assume that even in 1591 a decorative finale wouldn't be much use
without a tent to go with it 8o)

Is this a typo or is the museum confused?



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