PE - spoke wheel design

Nessa Giddings nessaofthelox at
Mon Jun 26 18:33:37 PDT 2000

--- Cherie Nolan <marguerite at> wrote:
> Lyle McMillen,
> Hi Lyle, Thank you for the pictures. I saw you tried
> to past them to the list if we have anyone in the
> Kingdom on the list who does web site and web photo
> albums I would
> love to talk to you. Please email me. I am trying to
> have a photo alum made for those who have made
> pictures and we can have every one put there
> pictures there. That would
> be so cool. as the list is set up now we cannot put
> the pictures on the list. But if we can store them
> some where were every one can see them it would be
> great. Not only
> tent made now, but tent from the museums and the
> historical as well. Please let me know. List Master.
> Marguerite

I have been wanting to put all the pictures I have
been collecting of tents on my website, I have lots of
space and I have wanted to put a tent page up for
awhile. Let me know if this sounds good..

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