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Cherie Nolan marguerite at
Mon Sep 11 21:35:35 PDT 2000

Greeting hope all is well out there every one must be enjoying the tournaments that is going on and the great friends of our lands. 

I have been talking to the head people at gulf wars, to see about having a period encampment grounds. It is official that we can have a space set a side for a period
encampment. But we have to have at less 20 people interested in signing on to stay in the encampment area. Therefore if people is interested I will need to have them
contact me privately. Please let me know if you are interested. This will be the first year that an actual ground is set a side for an encampment. So I need your help this
will let them know that there is a lot of people interested and really wanting this to happen. We will also need to come up with a name for the encampment for people to
sign on to it when they send in there reservations. I am not good at picking or making names. Shoot it took me 12 years to come up with a name i like for my self:). So i
really need your help we can have the name be an open discussion and let people vote on it after we get a few of them to choose from. Thank you so much for your time and
your help. Remember e mail me privately! Marguerite Thank you! thank you Thank you!
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