[Periodencampments] Theater or Research?

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Mon May 7 11:55:29 PDT 2001

I find the compromise approach of deciding where to focus my "period" engergy appealing for myself--I too have not been able to find the army of porters needed to bring in everything I would want to; I'm part of a household that has the common interest of sewing arts and cooking but otherwise we reflect quite different philosophies....from a relaxed but "good image" style within camp to folks who go to much greater length to create a period environment, at least in their private tents....

One thing we do at Pennsic every year that I like is to reserve one night for our own medieval camp feast.  We have a wonderful period cook/chef(Jenneca of Navarre, mka Judith Bentz) who acts as our feastocrat and plans the menu, and everyone in camp helps get the feast together and/or clean up; depending on the menu and number of attendees that year, we may do some things ahead and we do use the Coleman for a few things, but we do most of it with the fire, and we go out of our way that night to have period decor and accoutrements in common tent....it's a good bit of work, but everyone enjoys it; sometimes we have honored guests from the peerage, and we plan appropriate entertainments between removes (well, mostly appropriate....we couldn't resist the idea of a "polite food fight" coupled with using the Shakespearean insult book to create the insults as the fight navigated the table! It was hilarious!!!!)....

I admire greatly those who have invested in being authentic in all aspects of their camp, but am part of a group that will slowly and incrementally improve over time, so will have the "partial" experience -- but even "partial" authenticity in the SCA is a wonderful move away from the 21st century for me that I look forward to for every event I can participate in!

Maryz the Somewhat Scattered

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