[Periodencampments] Theater or Research?

david friedman ddfr at best.com
Mon May 7 16:34:13 PDT 2001

>I admire greatly those who have invested in being authentic in all
>aspects of their camp,


>Maryz the Somewhat Scattered

I'm not sure anyone does that.

We have plastic food containers for some of our food (inside a wooden
chest). Our visible source of sekanjabin syrup is a glass container,
but our reserve supplies are in 2 liter diet coke bottles hidden
between the food chest and the food tent wall. Our garbage goes into
a plastic garbage bag inside a cloth bag. Our fire is lit with

So I don't think the question is whether one is perfectly authentic
so much as whether one tries to be more authentic where practical,
and increasingly authentic over time.

Marguerite writes:

>Is there anyone on the list going to pennsic and wants to camp with
>a group other then there
>  Kingdom. We are forming a group of period tents. Let me know.

We aren't going this year, but the Enchanted Ground will be there for
people who want to join it. Organizing is being done by Stephen Bloch
<sbloch at adelphi.edu>.

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