[Periodencampments] pavilion round table at Estrella

Tara Rune Morrigan tmorgaine68 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 27 07:20:01 PST 2002

Hi John,

I was reading the list messages on the ansteorra site, as I am researching
Turkish yurts or oyes for my persona (I am new to SCA). I will not be able
to attend Estrella. Would it be possible to order a copy of the handouts for
this roundtable? I would be happy to pay the cost of shipping, naturally.

Thank you!

Vicki Hale

Marguerite wrote:

>John this lady is really close to you in your area can you help her with
>material sources. I will cost her a great deal coming from my area in

If I'm the "John" you mean, I'll be glad to help. Just drop
me an email. But I'll be going to the Estrella War, so I
won't be in the shop for about ten days.

If anyone here is going to Estrella, there's going to be a
tentmaking round-table on Thursday afternoon. (It won't be
on the printed schedule, but it WILL be happening ... ask
the collegium people.) I'd like to meet anybody on the list
who's attending.

There will also be handouts available for $8.50 apiece.
Yeah, that's a lot, but you're getting a lot of paper --
half an inch thick, printed both sides, consisting of just
about everything Lady Mira has gleaned, plus some stuff from
my web site.

John LaTorre (Johann von Drachenfels)

"Always do right. It will gratify some people & astonish the
--Mark Twain

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