[Periodencampments] pavilion round table at Estrella

John LaTorre jlatorre at midtown.net
Wed Feb 27 08:02:33 PST 2002

Tara Rune Morrigan wrote:
> Hi John,
> I was reading the list messages on the ansteorra site, as I am researching
> Turkish yurts or oyes for my persona (I am new to SCA). I will not be able
> to attend Estrella. Would it be possible to order a copy of the handouts for
> this roundtable? I would be happy to pay the cost of shipping, naturally.

Actually, that roundtable happened a year ago. We had
another one at Estrella this year, but there were no

The handouts consisted mainly of printouts from Lady Mira's
(now Dame Mira's) site, which is at:


and it's a good place to start, since she has links to just
about everybody else doing yurts/gers.


John LaTorre (Johann von Drachenfels)

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