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	We are in constant change and growth toward a more perfect Period Camp.  We
try lots of things and make our trials available to anyone who would like to
visit and browse!  We will be set up next to Grand Court at Estrella this
year and would truly enjoy a visit from one and all.  This year we are full
of folks trying to always improve and would love to share with you and also
to here how you are trying!  Please come by any day after set-up and share
with us!  We also have a number of associated projects (School Tours and
Period Demo)that we work into our plans!
Please come by and be welcomed!


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  I am Siobhan. I recently found this list. The more period the look and
feel of things the better I like it! I am interested to learn what some of
you do to make your encampments more period through economical short cuts,
talent, and so on.


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