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Mon Oct 26 10:28:15 PST 1998

hopefully you can read this one a little better .. i don't know why it was
encoding....sometimes i think computers have monds of their own...:)

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Oh, yea, Crown's going on this weekend (go Sir Dietrich, go!), so maybe
there won't be any fighters at Ravensfort fighter practice....I'm sure my
earlier posting went unanswered 'cuz the good gentles of this Barony were
geared up for such an auspicious event (especially if Kief is fighting...is
he? If so...go Sir Kief go!...man, if everyone won that I'd like to see win,
that poor ol' throne sure would get crowded!!... :P)  In any case, I'll
still be there at your fighter practice for a little while, whatever time it

Good to be a Droog.....

Kurt von Kohler
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