Fw: RF - Nobody home?

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Mon Oct 26 14:28:26 PST 1998


Gary Koehler wrote:

>  hopefully you can read this one a little better .. i don't know why
> it was encoding....sometimes i think computers have monds of their
> own...:) -----Original Message-----
> From: Gary Koehler <midnightk at htcomp.net>
> To: Ravens Fort Mail <ravensfort at Ansteorra.ORG>
> Date: Saturday, October 24, 1998 11:18 AM
> Subject: RF - Nobody home?
>  Oh, yea, Crown's going on this weekend (go Sir Dietrich, go!), so
> maybe there won't be any fighters at Ravensfort fighter
> practice....I'm sure my earlier posting went unanswered 'cuz the good
> gentles of this Barony were geared up for such an auspicious event
> (especially if Kief is fighting...is he? If so...go Sir Kief
> go!...man, if everyone won that I'd like to see win, that poor ol'
> throne sure would get crowded!!... :P)  In any case, I'll still be
> there at your fighter practice for a little while, whatever time it
> starts.....
> I'ts Good to be a
> Droog.....
> Kurt von Kohler

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