RF - Arms and tmepers

AMH\DBLJ orthart at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 6 20:58:59 PDT 1999

Having been off line and missed all the now expected ranting from
Reagoon, and having read it all tonight and having caught his latest act
last night at populace meeting, I will now add my unasked for two
cents.  ( After all I scored the same 92 + on the sanity test )  

Over the years I have seen Reagoon grow worse and worse in his lack of
control.  I've seen him stab good friends in the back and feel good
about doing it.  We've all heard his infantile out burst filled with
profanities.  The fact that children are exposed to his foul mouth does
not even begin to concern him.  Self-righteous causes aside, his temper,
his insults and his threats to respected members of the SCA scare me. 
When I look at Reagoon I see a danger to the populace and to himself.  I
don't mind saying that last night when he screamed that he will never
come back to the SCA and intends to play with Amphguard (sp) I was
thrilled !!!!!!!!   I want it in writing and notarized.  I am not an
elitist and I want our Barony to grow and prosper, but I feel we'll all
be alot better off without an egotistical time bomb that goes off every
time it doesn't get it's way.

Anyone taking issue with my above statements may target this e-mail
address with their retorts, insults, suggestions and general wish for me
to join Reagoon any place but in the SCA.

Pax  ( and quiet if we're lucky )

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