RF - Arms and tmepers

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Sat Aug 7 11:08:46 PDT 1999

I remember when people were banned from the Society for acting like Reagoon.

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> Having been off line and missed all the now expected ranting from
> Reagoon, and having read it all tonight and having caught his latest act
> last night at populace meeting, I will now add my unasked for two
> cents.  ( After all I scored the same 92 + on the sanity test )  
> Over the years I have seen Reagoon grow worse and worse in his lack of
> control.  I've seen him stab good friends in the back and feel good
> about doing it.  We've all heard his infantile out burst filled with
> profanities.  The fact that children are exposed to his foul mouth does
> not even begin to concern him.  Self-righteous causes aside, his temper,
> his insults and his threats to respected members of the SCA scare me. 
> When I look at Reagoon I see a danger to the populace and to himself.  I
> don't mind saying that last night when he screamed that he will never
> come back to the SCA and intends to play with Amphguard (sp) I was
> thrilled !!!!!!!!   I want it in writing and notarized.  I am not an
> elitist and I want our Barony to grow and prosper, but I feel we'll all
> be alot better off without an egotistical time bomb that goes off every
> time it doesn't get it's way.
> Anyone taking issue with my above statements may target this e-mail
> address with their retorts, insults, suggestions and general wish for me
> to join Reagoon any place but in the SCA.
> Pax  ( and quiet if we're lucky )

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