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Unto All Interested Parties do I, Aodhfionn Mac Cormaic, send

This missive is to provide all necessarry information to this
interested in the forthcoming marriage of Rhiannon Stuart, daughter of
Centurion Mu of Sama and Christina Stuart, to Lord BlackAngus McNeil.

Those listed as defending this Union are:

Chivalric, Brian du Val-squire to Baron Sir Arenvald Kief av Kierstad
Rapier, Lord Elias MacCrea the Honest-Cadet to Baron Don Robert
Archer, Lady Ayla von dur Vise

Other Champions:
Baron Michael Silverhands
Wulf Aelfrickson
Elaine DeLeon
Ambrose Blackwood
Malachi Morganson
Lord Harald Lockland of Meridies
Genevieve the Gypsy
Baron Sir Arenvald Kief av Kierstad
Stephan MacThomas
Maureen Faulkner
Klaire mette Katten
Robert DeLeon

I am certain I have left out names and mangled others, please email me
at aodhfionn at unforgettable.com with ANY corrections.

Barring objection (which would probably result in a small war given
the previousl mentioned defenders), this union will occur

Date: Feb. 12, 2000 (During westgate Winter Collegium)
Place: St. Thomas Aquinas Church

Feast Contact for the event is Suzanne de la Ferte.
Site Fee is $6, and Feast fee is $6.

>From 59 going south just after the Beltway/Tollway exit, the first
exit is Murphy/Bellfort. Take a right on Bellfort.
Continue past Dairy Ashford.
St. Thomas Aquinas is on the left soon after.
The event will be in the small back hall, not the front hall.

This wedding is at the same time and place as Westgate Winter
Collegium, but it is not part of the event and is in no way affiliated
with the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

The betrothed are registered at Target.

Additional Information:
The First posting of the bans was at The Texas Renaissance Festival.

The Second posting of the bans will be at Stargate Yule on Dec. 11,

The Third and final posting of the bans will be January 15, 1999 at
Coronation.  (unconfirmed)

Also,  a group of us are considering having a gathering at least a
week before the wedding for the purpose of advising and supporting the
betrothed couple.

If you are interested in attending or helping with this gather, please
contact me at aodhfionn at unforgettable.com NOT this list.

Problems to be worked out are:
How many attendees will be at the party.
Where it will be.
How much food, etc. will be required.
Providing Crash Space/Transportation.
and others I'm probably missing right now.

When we get some of the above determined, donations would be gladly

Thank you for your attention and interest.

I am Aodhfionn "Finn" Mac Cormaic.

aodhfionn at unforgettable.com
If someone has no email, contact me with their phone number and I will
call them back.  For complicated reasons, I cannot disclose the phone
number on a public list.

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