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>Greetings unto the Ansteorran list from Mistress Edwina,
>  I'm sending you information about the Middle Eastern classes, camping in 
>Middle Eastern Encampment and stuff.  I don't have a contact in Trimaris, 
>if someone could post this to the any Trimarian list, please do so.
>We will have dance, drum and lecture type classes.  But we need instructors
>in all categories!!  Tell us what days you are available.  Volunteers can
>contact:  Chaya-vati Palkar (Tshaya)
>Lisa McKinney
>987-A Alloway PL  SE
>Atlanta GA  30316
>twonomads at mindspring.com
>Or me Mistress Edwina Dirks Sterne
>Sue Moon
>1417 N. Rust Rd.
>Grain Valley MO  64029
>swallis614 at aol.com
>Ansteorran contact
>Kate Cofrin
>16018 Constitution
>Friendswood TX 77058
>281/648-7885 not after 10 pm
>katyacat at aol.com
>Camp coordinators:
>Me and
>Daniel of Raven's Nest
>Dani Eder
>1371 Wilhite Road
>Falkville  AL  35622
>ederd at worldnet.att.com
>Every night is party night -- drummers and dancers welcomed!  We supply the
>tent and gathering area, you bring refreshments, drums, friends, etc.
>Friday night is the dance/music competition.  Categories are beginner,
>intermediate, advanced and professional level solo dance, troupe, children,
>and music divided between drum and non-drum instruments.  It will start 
>whatever court(s) are that night -- hopefully by 8 PM.  Time limits are 5
>minutes for solos, 10 minutes for troupes.  We will start with beginners 
>children and work through each category  with judging in between.  This way
>the prize scrolls can be given right there.  And everyone entering or 
>gets a scroll.  Times and details could change on site.  Pray it does not
>rain like last year!
>Anyone camping in the Middle Eastern Encampment will need to contact me or
>Daniel of Raven's Nest to give us their tent dimensions so we can have an
>organized camp.  We picked "Middle Eastern" as the group camp name (the
>obvious choice) to put that on the preregistration forms.  We need people's
>names, tent size, arrival date, and preferences on where they want to be
>(near certain other people, close Or far from the class tents, etc.)  We 
>need volunteers to help police the party area each night and be around in
>case there are questions or problems.  One person cannot do it alone.  And
>you need to be aware we will have parties every night, although I camped 
>to the dance tent and had no problem sleeping but I was usually pretty 
>Lastly, I live in another kingdom now and this is more difficult to do than
>before for many reasons.  So next year, someone else will have to be in
>charge of all this.  So think about it and hopefully, someone will 
>to do this next year!  Yeah, that's the ticket!  Edwina
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