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David R. Hoffpauir env_drh at shsu.edu
Thu Dec 23 11:03:38 PST 1999

Hello all,

Normally I would not send out virus warnings, but currently there is one
bouncing through the Kingdom list server that has shown up locally. It
mostly affects users of Microsoft Outlook, but can also be activated
through Netscape Mail.  According to McAfee it was first detected 12/14
and has replicated world wide.  If activated it uses messages in your
mail reader's inbox and sends itself as a response to messages it finds
there.  When it arrives at the other end, it often looks like something
a friend has sent and contains a .exe attachment (somename.exe).  I
found this little booger imbedded in 7 separate files last night in
various disguises.  Kief and Gilli have seen it too.

It is being cataloged with the various anti-virus software companies as:


More info is available at:  http://www.mcafee.com/viruses/newapt/

Also included is a repost on virus management from Pug who runs the
Kingdom list server.

David St. David, Raven's Fort
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