RF - Ayla and Brians new years eve party

Olivia G. Rodriguez ladyoliviar at mailcity.com
Tue Dec 28 17:16:15 PST 1999

Who do we get to revile????  Sounds like fun, I'll try to make it and if I (we; John and myself) do, I'll bring something to munch/consume/imbibe/eat/indulge/etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...Sorry, saw the New Anna and the King but still kinda like Yul and his line.

In the event I (we) don't make it, have a Merry New Year and an Exuberant Millennium!

In Service to The Star

Lady Olivia Guadelupe Rodrigues
and Kinjo
Carpe Diem Ex Illo Vitae Opprime!

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999 17:56:25   Cobalt60 at lcc  wrote:
>Lady Ayla von der Viese and H.L. Brian du Val 
>Invite you all to a night of Celebration and Revilement
>To be held at their home on NEW YEARS EVE.
>arrive around 8 ish and BYOB.
>some guest are bringing some items for the table!
>such as
>Breads,  veggi platters, Fruits, and Finger foods.
>Ayla and Brian are supplying the following:
>    Hot pots of Cabbage and Black eye peas,  and possibly a brisket or a make your own taco and burrito fixins. We will also supply Coke, 7-up, Dr.Pepper, Bottled water and coffee for those not drinking and Champaign and wine for those who wish to indulge on  the first second of the year 2000! 
>    If you want to bring something please e-mail me at
>                                cobalt60 at lcc.net
>                                                    till the party 
>            TA TA FOR  
>NOW!                                                                                                                                                Brian du Val

LYCOShop is now open. On your mark, get set, SHOP!!!

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