RF - Ayla and Brians new years eve party

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I forgot to mention Garb is optional, but requested if you can  :o)
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    Subject: RF - Ayla and Brians new years eve party 
    Lady Ayla von der Viese and H.L. Brian du Val 
    Invite you all to a night of Celebration and Reveling
    To be held at their home on NEW YEARS EVE.
    arrive around 8 ish and BYOB.
    some guest are bringing some items for the table!
    such as
    Breads,  veggi platters, Fruits, and Finger foods.
    Ayla and Brian are supplying the following:
        Hot pots of Cabbage and Black eye peas,  and possibly a brisket or a make your own taco and burrito fixins. We will also supply Coke, 7-up, Dr.Pepper, Bottled water and coffee for those not drinking and Champaign and wine for those who wish to indulge on  the first second of the year 2000! 
        If you want to bring something please e-mail me at
                                    cobalt60 at lcc.net
                                                        till the party 
                TA TA FOR  
    NOW!                                                                                                                                                Brian du Val
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